Geomancer Virtual Reality

collaborative designer/developer/programmer

Gameplay demonstration video for Geomancer VR

Geomancer VR was designed, developed, and programmed by Allison Costa, Mark Rosenlof, and Cory Robertson as the final project for the course: 3D User Interfaces and Augmented Reality, Spring 2019.
Geomancer VR is an immersive game scenario in which users have to find different obstacles and defeat them using a myriad of different selection and manipulation interactions in order to ultimately collect all the gems and win the game. The concept was based on the franchise “Avatar: the Last Airbender” and is unique in its innovative interactions that bring to life and build upon many of the Earthbending capabilities shown in the popular television show. Utilizing the Windows Mixed Reality headset for a highly immersive experience, the user navigates the space and can manipulate the earth using the two handheld controllers, exercising with a full six degrees of freedom. The distinctive interaction techniques combined with travel and wayfinding methods allow the user to overcome several impediments built into a challenging scenario set in a village.

Screenshots while playing Geomancer VR designed, developed, and programmed by Allison Costa, Mark Rosenlof, and Cory Robertson.

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Allison Costa is a New York based multi-media artist whose practice is primarily focused at the intersection of dance and technology.  She enjoys working collaboratively and across forms to create unique pieces in the liminal space where creative conception, narrative heart, and multi-disciplinary practice come together. She is always interested in exploring new pathways and partnerships for creative experimentation. Calendar of Upcoming Events ︎︎︎