Barnard College Movement Lab’s Post Baccalaureate Fellow

web designer & developer, research fellow

Movement Lab website Prompts, Past Events, and Virtual Lab Artist Feature pages developed, designed and maintained by Allison Costa, July 2018-present. Screenshots by Allison Costa.

The Movement Lab is a flexible modular space for movement research, exploration, production, collaboration, and interdisciplinary interaction. The Lab’s trans-media function serves to enhance critical thinking and learning through body and brain connection as it seeks to explore emerging trajectories in art, science and technology.
Allison works as Post-Baccalaureate Research Fellow of the Movement Lab. She is in charge of website design and development, with thanks for the input and support from the rest of the Movement Lab team. In Fall 2019, she overhauled the website and has since maintained and added to it including a page for the 2020 Moving Body-Moving Image Festival and an archive for all past events. In 2020, she designed the fully online Virtual Lab to help support remote programming, which consists of a COVID-19 Resource List, Prompts, Artist Features, and Artist Interviews. In addition to web design/development, Allison assists with programming, administration, artist relations, and project development. This includes planning and running workshops/events, collaborating with Artists-in-Residence, working closely with students, as well as creating an independent research project.

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Allison Costa is a New York based multi-media artist whose practice is primarily focused at the intersection of dance and technology.  She enjoys working collaboratively and across forms to create unique pieces in the liminal space where creative conception, narrative heart, and multi-disciplinary practice come together. She is always interested in exploring new pathways and partnerships for creative experimentation. Calendar of Upcoming Events ︎︎︎