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Open Mouths: The Last Organism

a 3D living gallery of movement and design

Open Mouths: The Last Organism was created as a collaboration between the Design Center and Movement Lab. Built during a workshop series in August 2020 and drawing from Emergent Strategy, participants explored the concepts of intuition, connection, and cross-pollination to create a virtual organism in the shape of an interactive website and 3D virtual gallery space. Submissions to the website are ongoing, so please explore and add your own work!

Allison worked as a collaborative co-producer of the project and was a contributing artist. The full team of collaborators can be found on the Last Organism website.

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Screenshots of Open Mouths: The Last Organism’s interactive website and 3D virtual gallery space, August 2020.

Performa 19: Unlimited Bodies

One of 13 graduate students, Allison collaborated in this seven-day interdisciplinary experiment, proposed by CalArts Dean of Dance Dimitri Chamblas and art historian Sigrid Pawelke and inspired by the radical pedagogies of the Bauhaus (1919-1933) and Black Mountain College (1933-1957), where each member fluidly changed roles throughout the week: from participant to session leader and from originator to critic.

This pedagogical experiment entitled UNLIMITED BODIES brings together participants from various backgrounds and disciplines (critical studies, dance, theater, visual arts) to multiply perspectives. For the occasion, Performa partners with CalArts School of Dance, NYU, University of Giessen, and Paris École des Beaux-Arts. Participants meet every day at the Performa Hub and conduct throughout the day private and public sessions structured around themes such as: the anthropogenic body, artificial intelligence, and migration. Throughout the week, UNLIMITED BODIES evolves according to its participants’ inputs with each person actively contributing to the program by intermittently taking on the role of teacher and suggesting group actions, visits, people to meet or readings to discuss. For seven days, New York City is their campus.

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Unlimited Bodies final day Public Presentation at Performa 19’s Hub, November 2019. Photos by Paula Court.

Publications in Best Emerging Poets

Allison’s poetry was published in Z Publishing’s Best Emerging Poets of New York 2017 and 2019 and America’s Emerging Poets of New York and New Jersey 2018. Recruited in a state-by-state search for the best independent and/or emerging poets in the country, Allison has been thrilled to contribute their writing. Each anthology is available for purchase on Amazon or on the Z Publishing website.  

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Allison (Allie) Costa is a transmedia artist, dancer, and computer scientist who enjoys working collaboratively and across forms to create unique pieces in the liminal space where creative conception, narrative heart, and multi-disciplinary art meet. They are very grateful to collaborate with their colleagues at the Barnard College Movement Lab and are always interested in exploring new pathways of play and experimentation. View Upcoming Events ︎︎︎