Moving Body - Moving Image Festival

a biennial festival that gives voice to social and social justice themes in the hybrid form of movement filmmaking, known as ScreenDance

assistant producer, web designer

The Moving Body–Moving Image Biennial Festival gives voice to social and social justice themes in the hybrid form of dance filmmaking, known as ScreenDance.  The Festival was founded in 2018 by Gabri Christa, who is also the curator. Each Festival includes film screenings, installations, and roundtable discussion with guest speakers.

The 2020 Moving Body–Moving Image Festival, while initially conceived as a live event, was moved to place completely online, taking advantage of widespread and freely accessible platforms to help ensure equitable access. The 2020 Festival focused on representations of Aging & Othering on screen and in society, and its astonishing reception proved how important showing curated films around a social theme can be (11,231 Festival Page visits and 5,265 views from a total of 61 different countries).
Allison worked as Assistant Producer and Website Designer & Developer for the 2020 Festival. As Assistant Producer, she pre-screened over 200 film submissions and corresponded with filmmakers, jury members, speakers, and festival participants in person, over email and over the phone.  The decision to move the Festival online in response to COVID-19 made it necessary for Allison to design and create the website in under two weeks. Since then, she has maintained the website, including adding periodic Special Offerings. For the 2022 Festival focused on the moving body living with disability , Allison will continue as Web Designer and work as Associate Producer. The full Team can be found on the Moving Body - Moving Image Website.

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Allison Costa is a dancer, creative technologist, and multi-media artist based in New York City. Her transdisciplinary practice is process-focused and collaborative and she is always interested in exploring new pathways and partnerships for creative experimentation.
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