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Open Mouths: The Last Organism

a 3D living gallery of movement and design Screenshots of Open Mouths: The Last Organism’s interactive website and 3D virtual gallery space, August 2020.

Moving Body-Moving Image 2020 Festival

a biennial festival that gives voice to social and social justice themes in the hybrid form of movement filmmaking, known as ScreenDance

Moving Body-Moving Image 2020 Festival website front page & Festival poster. (Please double click on images for details.)

Dancing with My Data: Dancing with My Self

uncovering my movement biases with motion captureDancing with My Data: Dancing with My Self, choreographed by Allison Costa and performed at Barnard College’s Senior Creative Thesis Dance Concert, March 2019. Photos by Jo Chiang.

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Allison Costa is a New York based multi-media artist whose practice is primarily focused at the intersection of dance and technology.  She enjoys working collaboratively and across forms to create unique pieces in the liminal space where creative conception, narrative heart, and multi-disciplinary practice come together. She is always interested in exploring new pathways and partnerships for creative experimentation.
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